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Project Description

With MapTeams Polls Widget, you can easily create and manage jQuery Ajax Polls for your ASP.NET 4.0 site.


  • Easily change the layout without compiling: Html template in one place; Using Mustache templating engine for the server side and client side(reduce duplicate codes).
  • ASP.NET 4.0. and jQuery.
  • Microsoft Data Access Application Block (Enterprise Library 5.0)
  • SQL Server.


  • Ready to deploy to umbraco 4.7 using the Ruby Rake build script to create the installation package.

Not supported:

  • SQL Compact edition
MapTeamsPolls Widget


While porting some of our sites from Joomla to Umbraco, we have problem finding available Polls Widget for Umbraco 4.7. We decided to extend ClientSideAsp Ajax Polling System (

We do not want to limit our project to Umbraco; this sets of user controls and admin pages can be used on any ASP.NET 4.0 Web Application/Site Project.


  1. Run the create database script to create the tables and stored proc.
  2. Edit the web.config to change the connectionString (we store the connection string in the subfolder instead of the root, you can change the location as you like).
  3. Build the solution and view the default.aspx.


Thank you


Indra Kurniawan
MAP Teams

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